Why Simple is Successful in Mobile Advertising…

With the amount of users depending on their mobile device as a primary means of communication increasing every day, it’s not only important to be sure your brand’s voice is heard on the mobile channel, but that it’s optimized for viewing on the mobile channel. With the vast variety in mobile marketing offerings, it can be difficult for brands to make sure their message is clear and concise.

The only way to have your message be heard is to make sure your demographic is actually listening. Too many times we’ve seen mobile campaigns fall-short of expectations because of the assumption that any mobile advertising is good mobile advertising. This is one of the best and most promising possibilities of text messaging and mobile marketing, that if you know what you’re doing (and what your customer demographic is) you can all but guarantee that you’ll see success with mobile marketing.

Mobile is Action Driven – Be Active

Engage your users, don’t just use mobile to send them coupons and offers – the most successful messages in mobile marketing are the ones that engage your customers and invoke action in them. It’s simple, and will increase the participation rates you see.

Whilst in-app messaging and QR codes can create engaging and media-rich mobile experiences for your customers, only 52.9% of mobile users have smart-phones able to engage in these activities. The number 1 app across the world is text messaging! It’s simple, to reach your customers on their terms you must be direct, target your messages specifically and remember short messages work best.

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