So What Is Affiliate Marketing ?

Essentially, it’s promoting someone else’s product or service and you earn a commission from the sale, it’s as easy as that! I hate to over-complicate.

Commissions range from as low as 1% with established retailers, right up to 75% on some digital products.

The health and beauty market is one of the most saturated affiliate markets, with average commissions around 30%. If you are looking for larger commissions then many ‘digital’ product owners can pay up to a whopping 75%. More on how to find these vendor’s later.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to ‘piggy-back’ on someone else’s work, marketing and success.

You don’t have to worry about creating a product, that’s done for you. Normally the online ‘sales funnel’ is also created for you too 🙂

There are lots of different Affiliate Marketing products and programs out there for nearly every niche imaginable. Some of these niches include:

  • Business Opportunities
  • How to make money online
  • Dog training
  • Health & Fitness (weight loss, meal plans, workouts etc etc)
  • and much, much more!

How To Find An Affiliate Marketing Program

This is the easy bit. All you need to do is hop over to your favorite Search Engine and type:

  • [Your Niche] + affiliate program

You’ll be amazed at what turns up!

How To Join An Affiliate Marketing Program

Most programs are free to join.

Make sure you market something that you’ve tried yourself and you have a passion for that niche. Affiliate Marketing should be fun, and it’s much easier to enjoy it when you have an interest in that product or niche.

Affiliate Marketing is NOT a way to make money overnight! Yes, I’ve made a few quid overnight but I would take that as an exception, and I’ve been doing this a few years. Making money as an affiliate should be viewed as a long-term strategy. It’s a great strategy and can have some great rewards, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You want to build a sustainable online business, that will pay you back for years to come.