Outrank Your Competition With Video Marketing

52% of companies say video marketing has the best ROI

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I’ve been ranking web properties using various Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques and I still find that video is THE quickest way to outrank your competition, if done the right way!

Yes, there’s still a load of things you need to do to your video to get it anywhere near the coveted #1 page but if done right video can be extremely potent.

Why? For a start YouTube (owned by the Big G of course) is the #2 largest search engine online behind Google. See a pattern here? Google look after YouTube and vice versa 🙂

Folks love video. It’s a fact! People spend more time watching video than they do on Facebook and Twitter combined!

Video is more engaging and more noticeable in the Search Engine Rankings. What stands out in this image?

video marketing

Yep, it’s my ugly mug giving a 56 second testimonial for a local car wash. Despite all of Google’s Zoo-based algorithm changes that crushed traditional Search Engine Optimization techniques, video was virtually untouched. This video has consistently ranked since 2 December 2011!

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