Yep, the world of Internet Marketing has gone acronym mad. Here’s just a few of the hundreds out there:

  • CPA – Cost per action/acquisition: Where you can display sponsored ad’s and get paid commission once someone takes the necessary action. This can be filling in their ZIP/Post Code, email address or a full form submit
  • PPV – Pay Per View: These are normally ‘pop-up’ ad’s that are displayed whenever anyone visits a particular website. This type of advertising requires the person who is viewing the ad to have given permission for adware (the ability to display ad’s – don’t confuse with malware which is malicious!). This normally happens if someone is downloading a free app or program and part of the terms is that they accept ad’s from time to time. Very useful from a marketing perspective as this is not browser driven and therefore cannot be turned off!
  • PPC – Pay Per Click: Advertising where you can target your prospective audience and only pay once that person clicks on your ad. Types of PPC advertising are:
    • Google Adwords (Google Display Network), these are the ad’s that appear in the top 3 spots and on the right hand side of the page when you put a search in Google
    • Bing Ad’s: Similar to above
    • Facebook Ads: Similar concept but these are more ‘interruption marketing’ rather than search based
    • YouTube Ads: Similar concept but you only pay when a user has watched a certain amount of your video ad – underused but extremely powerful and cost effective
    • and many more…..
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization: This is when your main focus is ranking your online asset (your website, blog, Video’s etc) organically in the search engine results. OK, so what the heck does ‘organically’ mean? This is when you are not paying for results, you appear there on your own merits. SEO can be extremely beneficial to your business but can take a long time for you to rank, if at all. SEO is based on so many factors and far too many to go into here!

So, the MAIN point of this post is…….

traffic generationThere are SO many different traffic generation ways to promote your business online, PLEASE pick 1 or a maximum of 2 and NO MORE! Why, I’ve been there and done it. Rather than becoming a master at 1 you become the consummate ‘Jack of all trades’ and never master and scale anything. Before you know it you’re frustrated, losing money and more importantly wasting time!

DON’T fall into this trap, ever! You WILL regret it, I’m speaking from experience.

Learn 1 or 2 specific traffic generation methods and STICK WITH THEM. Do everything you can to learn those methods and more importantly implement what you’ve learnt. Don’t just leave this new found skill to gather dust on your hard drive like all the one’s before that! Take action, learn and scale what works. If after 6 months it’s not working then it’s time to change, not before.

Still Unsure Which Traffic Generation Method You Should Use?

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