Reputation Marketing

Social networking sites have becoming so influential in the online space that even Google, the eight hundred pound gorilla online, has started to implement social interaction as an important criteria in the mix of factors that it considers when ranking sites online. Social media, in the business context, is nothing more than what customers are saying about your business; it is about your reputation. And managing that reputation is is termed “reputation marketing”. 

Reputation marketing has become critically important for your business success. The viral nature of the internet means that your business has to be more sensitive and proactive in protecting its good name and encourage only goods things being said about your business. When you are getting good reviews and recommendations from existing customers, this translates into more sales for your business – it is self perpetuating.

Your business WILL have an online reputation, whether or not you choose to manage it .  The fact of the matter is this: if you do not choose to manage your online reputation, you can be sure that the public will.  Some of that may be good, and some of it may be bad.  Do you really want to leave such a major determinant of your business success in other peoples’ hands?

Online reputation marketing is a complex process, but it is also very important to your business success. If you already have any bad reviews we can help get rid of these and start again building a better online reputation for your business. To make the most of your online reputation,contact us today to see how we can handle your reputation online.

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