Need Cheap Web Traffic? Why I Recommend PPC Tsunami

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ppc tsunami statsI just wanted to let you know what i’ve been up to today, it’s Friday 15th January 2016 and I’m playing even more today with a short video course called PPC Tsunami

As you probably know by now I test lots and lots of different traffic sources, some have been good and others…..well, the less said about them the better! As Thomas Edison said about the carbon filament…..”I now know 5000 ways that it will not work, and that means that i’m 5000 ways closer to finding out what will work”. Well, I feel a bit like Thomas!

Today, i’m on a mobile crusade and I have sourced 3 new mobile platforms to test and share the results. I have just submitted my order for 18 different mobile optimized banners, and they will be ready tomorrow. Once they are, it’s all systems go and split testing commences 🙂

If you haven’t tried mobile advertising then really you are missing out on cheap traffic, but you need to do it right.

What Is PPC Tsunami And How Can It Help Me?

I started advertising with a system called PPC Tsunami by Paul Lynch and SURPRISE SURPRISE that’s what these different banners are for! Check out my stats in the video below:

As I am now working with Paul Lynch I have been able to reduce the price for PPC Tsunami from $67 to ONLY $1 for a limited time.

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