acorn_performance_marketing_phil_on_floorPhil is an Online Marketing expert and co-author of “The Art & Science Of Success – Vol 6”. He has worked alongside some of the top online marketers in the world, such as Chris Farrell, Brendon Buchard and Jeff Walker and recently shared the stage in Dublin with Kevin Green, Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire. Phil is currently training and mentoring clients in 3 different continents and his real passion is helping businesses succeed online using his proven 7-step marketing strategy.

Phil regularly gives FREE webinars and some of the topics have included:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Best Free Marketing sources
  • Best Paid Marketing sources
  • How to claim and optimize your business listing in Google
  • Video Marketing 101
  • Forum Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • How to build a website in 30 mins or less!

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