My Dot Com Business 6-Figure Sales Training

In this course you will learn every step to help you become a 6-Figure salesperson inside My Dot Com Business!

Welcome From Phil

My Dot Com Business Organisation

The History Of My Dot Com Business

What Are We Selling?

Your First Contact

Following Up With Prospects

Follow Up Part II

How To Configure & Test Your
Online Booking Scheduler

Booking The Call

How To Enter Your Prospect And
Associated Deal Into PipeDrive CRM

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Welcome to the 6-Figure Sales Training. My name is Phil Carrick, and I’m the Sales Director and Business Coach for My Dot Com Business, and I’m here to show you how you can potentially change your financial future inside My Dot Com Business. A bold claim, but I speak from experience, and it’s my turn to show YOU how you can do it too thanks to Paul Lynch and My Dot Com Business. Relax, kick off your shoes…and let’s begin :-)[/text_block]

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Resources & Training Gizmo’s

This is where you will find all the email templates, call recordings and any other gizmo’s that can help make your transition to top salesperson even easier![/text_block]


Paul’s Franchise Webinar (45 Mins)


Structuring The Deal

Recorded Calls