Facebook Video Advertising For Dummies – 5x Your Website Traffic

“A picture is worth thousand words” is the famous phrase that we hear blasted around far too often, so what would a video be worth? A lot more would be my answer. Good video marketing has been proven to increase website traffic by 5 times or more, which in turn increases your leads and sales, so it’s something you shouldn’t be missing out on. Read on to find out what the benefits are and why you should be using video marketing to boost your web traffic to your website, blog or offer….

Why Video Could Increase Website Traffic By 5x Or More!

Google loves video

More and more often videos are highlighted at the top of Google search results, apparently up to 70% of the top 100 results on Google searches have video content. This is because search engines have started to value video content in their search algorithms as they see it as an engaging form of content. And we all know that nobody wants to be on page 10 of Google! Social media is now also a powerful SEO tool and videos highlighted on your social media channels may appear in Google search results, just make sure their file name is also something relevant before you upload them so that Google can interrogate and use them in searches. And from your social media channels, people can easily access your website and be converted.

Purchasing power

Apparently 34% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product after viewing an online video ad. Some studies show that for some markets, the likelihood of shoppers buying a product after watching a video is closer to 80%, who would want to be missing out on sales values like that? People engage better with video because we are emotional beings and make emotion-led purchasing decisions, and video is the only channel that can really effectively communicate human emotion. Make sure that wherever your video is placed, there is a way for people to easily act on what they’ve seen, so include a direct link to your website in the YouTube description or Facebook post so that they can convert their interest quickly and easily.

Top Tip: When you do provide a Call To Action in the YouTube video description make sure you always put the full URL of your website or offer, otherwise it will not be a clickable link and very few will copy and paste your URL into their browser!

Viral content

increase website trafficSocial media is a powerful tool for your business and if used properly can increase website traffic quickly and easily, but can also be a tricky place to navigate what with the huge numbers of channels available, trying to grow your fan base and ensure that you are actually achieving any business outcomes with it. That’s where videos may be your saviour, well at least part of your saviour, don’t spam people just with videos or irrelevant videos. Videos are shared around four times more than other types of content on social media, and that’s not to be sniffed at! People trust people, and they trust their friends and family the most. So if they’re sharing your content then they’re spreading your word for you, and that’s almost free, and should in turn increase traffic to your website.

Hopefully you don’t need convincing any more, you need to get involved in video marketing, if done well it will help your business to succeed! It will drive more traffic to your site, help your content be seen on Google and get people talking about you on social media, it’s a no-brainer really.

Video Views Tsunami – How To Increase Website Traffic By At Least 5x Using Facebook Video Ad’s

I love advertising on Facebook, Why, it provides targeting to the nth degree. Really, Facebook is a business owners dream, and not just for spotty teenagers or sharing pics of cats….although I do that!!

Imagine Google Adwords 5 years ago. It was so cheap to advertise and company’s were making a killing out of advertising to folks who were actually looking for what they have to offer, imagine that! Well, whilst Facebook is more expensive now than it was a year or two ago to advertise, it’s still significantly cheaper than Google. Yes, Google is ‘search based marketing’ (which is THE most targeted type of marketing) and Facebook is ‘Interruption based marketing’ but honestly, the targeting you can do on Facebook is crazy!

I’ve been marketing on Facebook for 3 years now and done very nicely out of it. However, what I have found recently is that you can get even cheaper clicks and leads from Facebook using Facebook Video Ads.

Video ad’son Facebook can convert up to 10x more than traditional static Facebook ad’s, and at a fraction of the cost, and that means a massive increase website traffic – That’s utopia to me and you! I’ve been getting thousands of views to my Sketch Animation Video’s (you can create these in less than 3 minutes and don’t even have to appear on camera!!) for about £0.01 per TARGETED VIEW! Now tell me that’s not something that could help your business!

Inside Video Views Tsunami

I wanted to share the success that I’ve had recently with Facebook Video Ads

So I created a complete ‘over my shoulder’ video course called Video Views Tsunami that walks you through everything you need to know about creating viral video ad’s that get a ton of cheap, targeted web traffic and WILL increase website traffic to virtually anything online – some of the topics I cover are:

  • How to create an awesome looking Facebook Page that folks want to talk about
  • Where to find viral content for your page
  • The anatomy of the video ad
  • How to create awesome, high-converting video’s in minutes
  • How to create your video ad
  • Inside the Facebook Ad’s Manager
  • How to scale your campaigns
  • and much more……

Each video is no more than 10 minutes long, so you won’t get bored! See inside Video Views Tsunami below:

This course is everything you need to start getting an avalanche of web traffic back to your website, blog, affiliate offer etc.

You can get my Video Views Tsunami complete Facebook Video Ads training course today for ONLY $1

I know what you’re thinking! $1, then there will be upsell after upsell and i’ll end up spending $50 or more! Nope, it’s $1 and that’s it! NO UPSELLS, No jumping through hoops, just immediate access to my complete video ads course.

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