7 Reasons To Stop And Breathe

7 Essential Reasons Why Controlled Breathing Is A Must!

how to reduce stress by breathingBreathing! Yeah right! That’s what you’re probably thinking right now….C’mon, be honest! However, this little technique can go a long way to stimulating cell growth, lowering blood pressure and combating stress!

It has been known for years that concentrating on breathing correctly can combat a whole host of nasties, and it makes you feel pretty darn good too!

I’ve just started using different breathing techniques and i’ll post some of my favourites later, and i’m noticing a difference after only a couple of days!

I’d love to take credit for these 7 Reasons why controlled breathing is so effective, but it’s all the work of the Huff Post. Here is an excerpt from the article and make sure you click the link below it to see the Infographic – print it out and stick it somewhere prominent, it’ll help:

The best way to calm down is so innate to our lives, we often take it for granted: Taking a breath.

Focusing on your own breathing can have a significant impact on your well-being and stress levels, and can even create physiological changes like lowering your blood pressure. But for many of us, when it comes to improving our health, changing our breathing somehow doesn’t spring to mind as readily as changing our diet or exercise habits.

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Source: This and many other fabulous articles can be found at the Huffington Post

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