Welcome to the Free Video Series on how to create a blog in WordPress and make money from it too 🙂

Please go through each video in order and make sure you carry out the action steps in each video BEFORE moving on to the next! Before you know it you’ll have your very own piece of Internet Real Estate and you will be ready to make money from it too (providing you want to of course!).


Video 1 – What Is Your Goal?



Video 2 – Keyword Research



Video 3 – Picking Your Domain



Video 4 – How To Get Cheap Hosting



Video 4a – Changing Your DNS Settings



Video 5 – Installing & Configuring WordPress



Video 6 – Uploading Content



Video 7 – How To Build Your Email List



Video 8 – How To Make Money From Your Blog/Website


Great Affiliate Platforms To Use To Find Products:



CJ (Formerly Commission Junction)

Super-Duper Bonus Video!

How To Create A Blog On Weebly For Free (and get link juice that pleases the Search Engines!)

Why on earth would you want to learn how to create a blog on a free blogging platform when i’ve just spent hours creating a Free Video Course on how to create a blog from scratch using your own domain name and hosting? It first seems contradicting eh!

Well my friend……it’s because I have a Cunning Plan to get you better Search Engine Rankings and therefore more traffic to your own blog using you’ve guessed it…..FREE BLOGGING PLATFORMS 🙂

Want me to show you? Check out the video below where I reveal my cunning plan: