How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

Video Marketing is Vital!

video marketingVideo marketing is quickly becoming an important marketing venue for many small businesses for several reasons. First, video marketing represents a better way to communicate with today’s potential customers by utilizing a medium and technology that they incorporate into their daily lives. Studies show that the average person would much rather see a video on a specific topic then read about it. This is especially true for businesses with specific services and products that require a bit more explanation than other types of businesses.

Video provides a medium that allows a company to explain what services they can provide in the most engaging way possible. This video could be only a few minutes long but still incorporate all of the required information in a way that will make customers more likely to remember it. This makes video marketing more helpful to higher consideration businesses.

Video marketing can also help small businesses by:

  • Directly informing customers about any aspect of the business, product or service.
  • Generating more leads.
  • Engaging more customers.
  • Building brand awareness.
  • Improving a business’s website traffic.
  • Improving sales.
  • Increasing a business’s SEO rankings.
  • Building a loyal customer base.
  • Building a niche channel.
  • Encouraging customer participation and feedback.
  • Producing constantly changing and socially relevant advertising content.

Video marketing is also relatively inexpensive. This means that it can produce more results with less cost to the company. Unlike a video TV commercial, which has to be designed, produced and then distributed by paying for a TV network to send it out, online video marketing costs almost no money to distribute the video and very little money to actually produce the video.

Whatever the specific business’s marketing strategy or blend of strategies are – video marketing can tell potential customers about it. This can be extremely helpful in creating a specific niche channel for a business. Video marketing can be designed to display a very specific message and then it can be distributed into a very specific niche. This makes reaching specific viewers – that is people who are most likely to be involved in the business’s products or services, much easier. Video marketing is the perfect tool for targeted advertising.

Video marketing can also help businesses create a loyal fan base by encouraging consumer participation across many fronts. Feedback, social media site sharing, blog comments and brand recognition can work to create a larger customer base and improve the likelihood of repeat customers. When used in conjunction with SEO techniques, video marketing can also drastically increase a business’s website traffic.

Finally, most consumers have come to expect videos during their online experiences. If a small business ignores this fact they are cutting themselves out of a very large audience of potential customers. In order to stay in stride with the competition, every small business should be considering the importance of video marketing strategies. Contact us today for more information on how video marketing can help your business.

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