Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

facebook_google-300x222We all know that Facebook has surpassed Google and now exceeds more visits to your page.  However, from a business owner perspective, the problem encountered is what is the best place to invest their advertising budget to acquire new customers.  Who to invest in: Google or Facebook?

Both platforms are PPC, which means they only get paid when someone clicks on an ad. They have differences so we look into both and see what the best option for your business. Facebook advertising is good for some businesses, Google AdWords is good for others, and in some cases, using both mediums can benefit a business.

Facebook Advertising

The biggest benefit here is targeted advertising, where you can advertise to a specific niche.  Facebook has a large amount of personal information of its users, which is the ideal platform for gender orientation, age, tastes, interests and more. For example, if you sell women’s shoes, we can make the ads show only to girls between 18 and 40 years of age.  You can also be more specific about your targeted audiences tastes and interests.  This is an advantage that can not be matched by Google.

Google Advertising

Although Google does not have specific information about its users, it remains the most powerful source of advertising by many phone owners.  The big advantage over Facebook is that social network users are not trying to find that advertising. Ads appear on Facebook without the user searching for a service, “Attention Marketing”. With Google, users are enter specific words to fill an immediate need.

But which is better?

We can find thousands of different opinions from people who have had great success in Google, while others have had on Facebook, so there is no standard answer. To find out more on what paid advertising would benefit your business contact us for some free advice.

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