Detach Yourself And They Will Come!

It’s hard for me to write this but I thought what the F, let’s do this anyway because it may just resonate with you if you have or are in the same position as I was!

This is going to be completely RAW, I’m just going to type what is coming from my heart and my head…is that OK? I feel there may be the odd expletive, who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see eh!

So, why the title ‘Detach Yourself?’

I can’t give you my entire background as I feel that you’ll think that I’m looking for sympathy, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth, so I’ll skip a few years of my life eh.

In a nutshell, since 2002 I have had one tragedy after another. I became clinically depressed and had utter contempt for the majority of people. I was like that for years. I had a facade that, despite losing so many of my immediate family (including my wife), I was coping. That’s exactly what it was, a facade. It was for the sake of my young twins BUT my ‘why me’ attitude was starting to take it’s toll.

I started to make some pretty dire financial decisions, why….because that is what I was ‘programmed’ to do.

I became depressed, why….because I should be depressed after all that had happened! Again, my subconscious mind was programmed and it didn’t want to disappoint!

happyI started to run out of money. The less I had the more I needed it and I focused on the fact that I didn’t have much. Every thought was about whether I could afford to take care of my kids. I needed more money to buy food, to pay my mortgage, to live! The more I focused, the less I had….really, it sound like ‘mumbo jumbo’ I know but it’s true!

I HAD to make more money online, there was no other way. Instead of focusing on trying to help people which is what I love, I focused more on money……Big mistake!

You lose focus, you start to repel but you don’t see that, so you keep doing what you think is right. You work harder to earn more. The long hours start to hit you. Now you can’t think straight because you are broke and tired! See the pattern developing here….well, I wish that I had!

I knew I had to get back to doing what I loved….helping others.

I remember meeting a great friend of mine and top internet marketer Chris Farrell in London a few years ago, and his words still resonate with me today…….

“Just do what you love Phil. I can see you love to teach and help others, just do that and make that your focus. Don’t think about anything in return!”

It took me a while to implement what Chris had told me, but he is absolutely right. When I started detaching myself from what I needed and focused on what others needed things started to change.

My health improved, my bank balance improved, my outlook on life improved – and I was able to do what I enjoyed most….helping others online.

Sound cheesy? Perhaps! But it worked for me. Give it a shot, after all what have you got to lose? If you are in a place today that you don’t particularly like, then give this a shot, it can’t get much worse eh!

If you’re stuck for something to read, with lots of case studies and cartoons (the author is a cartoonist too!) then I can’t recommend this book enough:

“Happiness In Hard Times” by Andrew Matthews

It’s time to chill out, focus on what others want first and the world will focus on what you want.

Take care and blessings to you all,

Phil 🙂

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