Best Work From Home Jobs That Im Using Now

What Are The Best Work From Home Jobs That Work!

Have you noticed just how many Work From Home opportunities there are out there? My goodness, if you take the time to type into the Search Engine Best Work From Home Jobs then you’ll be amazed at the pages of results.

I know, you absolutely need to work from home, as I did in 2007. I suddenly became a single-parent and I had tried everything to work around my children but I found that time was the big issue here!

I found it so hard to try and choreograph work around my young children who were both 7 at the time. I was trading time for money and it was extremely hard.

So I started ‘dabbling’ on the internet. Why, because I had heard that you could make a good living online, so I decided to go into the make money online niche.  Things for me could’nt have been farther from the truth.

I purchased product after product after each one of them had promised me riches beyond my wildest dreams.  I spent tens of thousands on products, coaching, software – when was it going to end? Just when I thought I had got over the ‘impulse buying’ then another product came along that promised to complement my last product in a way that no other product could – have you heard this before? Don’t worry….you’re not alone!

So, after years of trying to make money online and longing for the perfect work from home job, something finally clicked! To be honest it had to! I was thousands in debt, putting in 12 hour days in front of the computer…..for what! I had became more of a slave to my computer and found that, despite these long days, I wasn’t productive at all!

Then something happened that has literally changed my life for the better…….

I Then Google’d Best Work From Home Jobs

I had been typing into Google Best Work From Home Jobs and something appeared that I hadn’t seen before, a result from a company called Empower Network, promising 100% commissions. Interesting, because I had been used to trying to promote products online for 50-60% commissions, but never before had I seen a company promising 100% commissions! So I started to look into this company called Empower Network.

I kept finding results of many of the top earners in the company. Names like Tony Rush, Vick Strizheus, Lawrence Tam, Chris Record, Justin & D Verrengia, Aaron & Sophia Rashkin, Shaqir Hussyin (the list goes on!) kept popping up. People who were consistently making over $50K per month….EVERY month! Wow, how was this possible?

So, I joined Empower Network in late May 2013 as part of Paul Lynch Inner Circle Riches – a fabulous program that builds you a complete high-converting online sales system providing you sign up to Empower Network at the lowest level (which at the time was $25/month). What did I have to lose? I was going to sign up to Empower Network anyway, but with Paul Lynch Inner Circle Riches I get to do this but they will build me a complete online sales system for Free that I will receive commission from too! This sounded like utopia, all for $25/month. I took the leap of faith!

Since my online sales funnel was built for me I have had some crazy results, bearing in mind the few months that i’ve been a member of Inner Circle Riches and Empower Network.  Over the space of 48hours I had 544 people subscribe to my done for you squeeze page and more importantly I was building a client database, which is undoubtedly your biggest asset as a business owner.

It was only last month that I received my first $1000/day (please see the income disclosure below as these are not average earnings from this system).

I’m now able to enjoy my life now, spending more time with the people I want to and less time with the people I don’t!

People contact me every day wanting to join my Inner Circle Riches team and be mentored by me, and that is a huge compliment. I never take things for granted and i’m very appreciative of Inner Circle Riches and Empower Network.

As I have became an ‘All-In’ member of Empower Network, one thing in particular that I do EVERY DAY is to log into Empower Network and go to both the $15K Formula and Masters Course products, and take massive action on their training.

The $15K Formula is just that……how to get to $15K PER MONTH with Empower Network.  Dave Wood’s 1st video titled ‘Clarity For Success – Clear Intentions For Income’ is worth the price of the product alone! It sets the scene and gives you tasks that you absolutely must do. You learn how to really set your goals and income intentions (not the usual crappy top-drawer way!) and what you need to be doing EVERY day for 90 days to ensure that you hit your goal. I’ve set a goal far higher than $15K/month and I know that with this training I will reach that goal and beyond…..the training is crucial to take your business to the next level.

The Master’s Course – Well, what can I say…phew! This is high-level mastermind stuff that really gets into your mind, tips it upside down and spits it out the other end. Once you have even watched the 2nd video in the series you know that this is real serious stuff and it’s time to really take note because this is exactly what the top earners in Empower Network are doing to consistently make huge sums each and every month.

How could that change your life? How different would your outcome and life feel like?

Just close your eyes for a moment and put yourself in a place in 90 days time. Where is it? What are you doing and who is it with? What sounds can you hear? What are you going to do when you celebrate reaching your goal? These are all some of the things you MUST picture yourself doing, and do it in the present tense, as if you have already achieved it! This is SO important, actually it’s VITAL! And these are just some of the things you are taught in the $15K Formula.

So, when you ask yourself now where are the best work from home jobs then I would wholeheartedly say Paul Lynch Inner Circle Riches and Empower Network as they both interact perfectly together.

I hope you’ve found this useful and I would love to hear your thoughts. Just drop me a comment below, i’d really appreciate it.

Here’s to your success,


p.s. If you’d like to join Inner Circle Riches under my mentorship then please click HERE!

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