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Hi, I’m Phil, a guy who’s very close to 50 years young, and I teach folks how to make a 2nd income from home using the Internet…BUT it wasn’t always like that! Here’s my wee ‘condensed’ story if you have a few minutes. Actually, grab a ‘cuppa’, this may take some time…..

A Geordie!

I grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne (the natives are affectionately known as Geordie’s!), a fabulous city in the North East of England. Apart from a 5-year detour to Ontario, Canada, we pretty much stayed where we were until I flew the nest at age 18.

A ‘Blow In’

We now live about 25 miles South of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The people are wonderful and the scenery is just as good, the weather is the only drawback though, but that’s what makes it nice and green! I am now affectionately known as a ‘Blow In’ – someone who has ‘blown in’ from elsewhere! That’s what I love about Northern Ireland, their infectious humour!

phil pamHappy Then Sad Times!

I married a wonderful woman called Pam, I had a job I loved for 20 odd years, and fabulous twins….things were going great, UNTIL…..

Sadly Pam passed away in 2004 after a long illness when the kids were only 4 and unfortunately I was unable to work in a ‘conventional job’ for years after that.

What To Do Now?

I tried my hand at all sorts of things including Tiling, but the passion just wasn’t there, and it was difficult to arrange around schooling. I hated tiling with a passion, it felt as if I had a trowel in one hand and a watch in the other waiting for the school bell to chime! That was so stressful, things had to change!work from home with Phil

In 2009 I began researching making money online – I started with the good, old-fashioned Google search on my ‘dial-up’ modem (remember those?).

I bought course after course, some were decent, most were absolute crap!

I attended seminars all over the UK and even in the US to master this ‘internet thingy’ – what happened with a lot of courses was that they tended to be a ‘pitch fest’, and of course more money changed hands!

I tried most things, spent thousands of hours on training, and tens of thousands of £$ in the process – I think I was chasing the ‘shiny object’, you know the one right, the course or software that you just press a button and a pile of cash falls on your head! Yep, it took me a while to realize that this object I was chasing just didn’t exist!

phil carrick

Happy Times!

In 2009 I married Pauline. She’s a wonderful person and has put up with my ‘internet challenges’ for a long time and we are very happy. She’s a great ‘sounding board’ and still shows interest when I share a different internet marketing strategy with her (and I come up with a lot of strategies!!).

So, fast forward to today, I’ve STOPPED following the next ‘big thing’ and concentrated on what I enjoy, rather than what can make me money! I blog, I teach and I have my own Internet Business that I love.

Get Rich Overnight! Yeah Right!

I now show other people how to make passive income online. Is it a ‘get rich quick’ business? No, sorry, there’s work involved like any business. However, it’s that business that allows me to work from home when I want and on MY terms, and I’m very grateful for that 🙂

Was it easy? Nope!

Did I make money overnight? No chance!

Do I still sometimes put in 12 hour days? Oh yeah!

Do I love the laptop lifestyle? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT 🙂

My Vision For The Future

I’m no ‘Guru’, just a regular guy who wants to share my internet experiences with others.

So, my vision is broken into 3 phases:

  1. By 30 March 2017 – To help 100 people break free and earn a 2nd income from home. I was SO grateful for the internet and being able to work from home around Matthew and Emma, so I want to give something back and help others
  2. By 31 December 2017 – To help 500 people break free and be able to create a 2nd income from home
  3. By 31 December 2018 – To help 1000 people break free and working when THEY want to and spending time with who they want to

Take a look around, leave a comment and let me know who you are and where you live and  if you’re facing any struggles in your business at the moment. You never know, I might just be able to help!

Thanks for stopping by,